Client Testimonials

Onward Advisors has been the choice of many progressive companies when researching PEOs for the first time, renegotiating with their existing provider, or anything in between.

Throughout my career in Human Resources and People Operations, I’ve had the opportunity to implement a PEO three times.  The third time this past summer/fall, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Onward Advisors.  It has truly been a life-changing experience for my department and the entire organization.

Anyone considering implementing a PEO knows how big a commitment it is and how daunting of a task it is to pick the right PEO out of hundreds of options nationwide.  There are many intricacies and differences within the PEO market, but Onward Advisors made it so clear and easy for us to vet and find the right fit for our organization.  They were extremely knowledgeable, detailed, responsive, and made the selection and vetting process easy and seamless for us.

Onward has a great tool for running an analysis for the client, so we saw all of our PEO options and costs laid out clearly in a presentation, making it simple for us to compare options.  They have been part of our implementation process as well, following up with us regularly and stepping in every time we needed extra help and information.

We wholeheartedly recommend Onward Advisors after seeing their process and with their expertise and support it is truly night and day.
We are so grateful for the amazing service, and we couldn’t be happier with the PEO we chose and implemented.

Julia Vaida

Head of People Operations, Teach For All

The team at Onward Advisors was incredibly helpful in our selection of a PEO. They helped us navigate all of the PEO nuances and provided expert analysis of the proposals that we had received. They were insightful, responsive and thorough in helping us assess our best option and then helped us negotiate a contract that saved us money and protected our company. They answered SO many questions for us and were patient throughout the process to ensure that we understood all aspects of the contracts and benefit offerings. The team at Onward Advisors exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend them!

Molly Underwood

Controller, Brooklands Capital Strategies

I joined a Pittsburgh tech startup in early 2019 as their finance lead but quickly realized there were gaps to fill on the HR,
payroll, benefits and compliance side of the business. I worked in a startup previously that had a PEO and didn’t realize the
seamless power behind its capabilities until it was something I no longer had. It was painful being at a small company
working with multiple vendors for HR, benefits, payroll, tax compliance, etc. We rarely received the customer support and
guidance we needed and struggled to offer our employees a great experience with their benefits.

I began researching PEOs and found it overwhelming, so when I was introduced to Onward Advisors it was a sigh of relief.
Their team reassured us they could find the best fit for our size and location. We worked closely with them, provided info on
our current benefits programs, and they generated a very comprehensive and robust analysis around the top 5 PEO choices for
a very reasonable cost. They held our hand through the entire selection process — through all questions and explanations on
benefits plans to demos of the products to brainstorming sessions on how the PEO would work best for my team.

As a former New Yorker, I enjoyed Onward Advisors’ honesty, confidence, and fast pace to get us to a January 1st implementation. They
was quick to respond to all questions or meetings we requested which made my team all the more confident in our final
choice. Even after we made our PEO selection, they continue to check-in to make sure things are running smoothly. With a
PEO market that is highly saturated, utilizing Onward Advisors as a PEO consultant to find the best fit at the best cost is a no

KJ Harvey

Senior Director of Finance, Kaarta

For the past few years, we’ve explored joining a PEO to help us control the rising cost of healthcare insurance and manage our HR needs. Previously we’ve dealt directly with each PEO, but this year we decided to use Onward Advisors at the recommendation of our insurance broker. At first, we were a bit hesitant for fear that the PEOs may charge us more for using a consultant; but in fact, the opposite was true. The team at Onward Advisors are experts in this industry so they know exactly how much we should be charged, and they hold the PEOs to that number.

Working with Onward Advisors gave us the ability to evaluate multiple PEOs based on our specific criteria. Their approach was very insightful, and their transparent analysis highlighted costs we were unaware of previously. We highly recommend the Onward Advisors team if you are looking for a no-nonsense assessment of the PEO marketplace.

Judi Lee

HR & Operations Director, Beansprouts Nursery School

We were introduced to Onward Advisors through our insurance agency when we expressed interest in trying to find a PEO provider that could drive cost savings, and dovetail with our current payroll and benefits systems. While we didn’t have apprehension about whether a PEO would be a good fit for our business, we did have concerns about co-employment impacting some of our client contracts. The PEO specialists at Onward Advisors helped guide us, and their depth of experience in the space alleviated those concerns. Their professional and thorough approach helped us achieve overall savings of upwards of 20% in costs, exceeding our expectations. I’d recommend Onward Advisors to anyone interested in exploring a PEO for their business.

Kieran O'Connor

VP Human Resources & Operations, Options Technology

Onward Advisors helped our company navigate the complex challenge of offering benefits for the first time. Their team provided expertise, accurate numbers to help us compare PEO partner options, and superbly professional guidance to get Zazoom Media Group across the finish line. What impressed me the most, though, was how they followed up after the “handoff.” When inevitable benefits integration glitches arose, Onward Advisors continued to offer guidance and to leverage their high-level contacts within our chosen PEO partner to ensure we were fully satisfied. That’s service worthy of unhesitating recommendation.

Tim Minton

CEO, ZMG | Ruckus Factory

Our organization was facing a health insurance increase of more than 50% last year, and we knew that we needed to come up with a solution that would allow us to continue offering a robust benefits package to our employees. A PEO was one of a few valid options to possibly solve this problem, but we were very hesitant in considering this route as we had previously used ADP TotalSource and had a horrible experience with them and their service. We were introduced to Onward Advisors through our benefits consultant, and almost immediately began to feel comfortable in pursuing a PEO due to their analytical and insightful approach to the process. The Onward Advisors team presented the information in a clear and concise manner and were always available, quick to respond to email, and overall just great to work with. I had almost nothing to worry about with the switch because they were there every step of the way while communicating directly with the PEO on our behalf and anticipating problems before they came up. Through skilled negotiation, they were able to exceed our expectations by achieving savings of close to 20%. It was a refreshing experience working with Onward Advisors, and we would gladly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.

Ritika Kaushal

Finance/HR Manager,

Working with Onward Advisors to renegotiate terms with our PEO exceeded all our expectations. Their team of PEO experts was professional, detailed, and thorough. Our cost savings were significant—between 21% and 30%. I would recommend them to anyone looking to better understand their PEO relationship and contracts.

Paul Vitale

SVP, Finance & Operations, Toy Industry Association

We worked with Onward Advisors to help us navigate through all the available PEOs to find the one that best met our objectives. We came into the process with many options and were unsure if any of them would be beneficial to us. Their industry experience gave us clarity and confidence in our decision in addition to the almost 30% in cost savings they helped us achieve through expert negotiations. Clint is a man of his word, which isn’t too common these days. I’d recommend their responsive, thorough, and persistent team to anyone looking to better understand if PEO is right for their business.

Charles Wirth

COO & VP of Finance, MediaMax Network

We had just gotten our latest health insurance renewal, and our costs had skyrocketed again. We needed to figure out a solution where we could continue to provide robust health insurance to our employees while keeping costs low. Our insurance broker suggested that a PEO could help solve our problem, but we had no previous experience in working with one. Additionally, based on some feedback we had heard, we were concerned about the ‘fine print’ and unsure of the actual savings that could be realized. We also worried that we would not receive high-quality support or that we’d lose decision-making power. Fortunately, our broker introduced us to Onward Advisors, and it was explained that they could help determine if a PEO would be the right choice for our company. Onward Advisors possessed an abundance of knowledge and was able to clearly and factually dispel myths and our preconceived notions. They go above and beyond to answer questions and concerns, providing information from all angles and perspectives while being empathetic. In the end, we decided to use a PEO and the resulting 30%+ savings that Onward Advisors helped us achieve far exceeded our expectations. The team at Onward Advisors is professional, detailed, and true experts in their field. We would recommend them to anyone who is trying to determine if a PEO is the right move for their company.

Vivian Lee

VP of People Operations, Arkadium

The subject matter experts at Onward Advisors helped us renegotiate terms with our existing PEO. Their methodical and detailed diagnostic provided our finance team with a thorough and comprehensible report that led to us saving over 30%—exceeding all our expectations. We never really had a clear understanding of our PEO costs until we worked with Onward Advisors. We recommend them to anyone looking to understand and control their PEO spend.

Ellen Kiernan

Director, People and Operations, Axioma

We hired Onward Advisors to consult with us on choosing a PEO for our growing business. Their experienced approach and comprehensive knowledge of the industry gave us confidence in using them, and their extremely thorough analysis helped us narrow down our many options. We were expecting to save money overall by using a PEO, and Onward Advisors helped us meet those expectations. While we were initially open to using a PEO, our lack of knowledge in the industry and the process by which we would obtain quotes was a challenge. Fortunately, we were able to rely on Onward Advisors’ expertise, and their guidance was critical in helping us to find the best fit for our business goals and company culture. We would recommend anyone going through this course to hire Onward Advisors.

Andrew Eagle

Chief Operating Operator, Bold New York

Scout Capital Partners was searching for a PEO that could both deal with a startup environment and scale quickly as our company grows. While we had some initial concerns with using a PEO, such as loss of control and difficulty of managing payroll and benefits with a remote, third-party operator, Onward Advisors’ professional and knowledgeable approach helped ease those concerns.

Onward Advisors’ experienced approach hit the mark when they negotiated a very favorable arrangement with TriNet on behalf of our company, and their overall execution exceeded our expectations. They also remained involved in the onboarding process, which made everything seamless.

Overall, their PEO specialists made the selection and onboarding process far easier than I had imagined. In hindsight, I can’t believe that I was anxious about this process when in fact, Onward Advisors handled the heavy lifting with great ease.

Vincent Signorello

Founder & Managing Partner, Scout Capital Partners

We chose Onward Advisors to renegotiate the terms we had with our existing PEO. We found their team to be skillful, insightful, and responsive while helping us negotiate the best deal possible for our company and staff. Their knowledge of the industry was obvious, and we ended up realizing savings commensurate with our expectations.

Larry Herold

President, Bernard Herold & Co.

The team at Onward Advisors made the process of choosing a PEO clear and uncomplicated. They know their product from front to back and were conscientious about getting the right solution for our company. They listened to what we’d hoped to get from a PEO, outlined all our options, and guided us to the best possible agreement. They’re highly responsive and persistent and will work to get you what you need…and even what you didn’t know you need.

Scott Race

President, Simon Financial Group

The team of experts at Onward Advisors was patient, insightful, and very impactful in helping me narrow down my options to find the right PEO for my company. They had important answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I’m confident that I made the right decision thanks to their help. I highly recommend Onward Advisors to any business owner who is trying to find the right PEO for them. Thanks Onward!

Paul Smith

CEO, Techromatic