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The Toy Industry Association

“Working with Onward Advisors to renegotiate terms with our PEO exceeded all our expectations. Their team of PEO experts was professional, detailed, and thorough. Our cost savings were significant—between 21% and 30%. I would recommend them to anyone looking to better understand their PEO relationship and contracts.”

Paul Vitale

SVP Finance & Operations,
Toy Industry Association


“The Subject Matter Experts at Onward Advisors helped us renegotiate terms with our existing PEO. Their professional, detailed response provided our finance team with a thorough and easy to understand report that led to us saving over 30%—exceeding all our expectations.”


Ellen Kiernan

Director, People and Operations,

Bernard Herold & Co

We chose Onward Advisors to renegotiate the terms we had with our existing PEO. We found their team to be skillful, insightful, and responsive while helping us negotiate the best deal possible for our company and staff.


Larry Herold

Bernard Herold & Co

brooklands capital strategies

“They answered SO many questions for us and were patient throughout the process to ensure that we understood all aspects of the contracts and benefit offerings. The team at Onward Advisors exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend them.”


Molly Underwood

Brooklands Capital Strategies

Bernard Herold & Co

“Working with Onward Advisors gave us the ability to evaluate multiple PEOs based on our specific criteria. Their approach was very insightful, and their transparent analysis highlighted costs we were unaware of previously.”

Judi Lee

HR & Operations Director

brooklands capital strategies

“The PEO specialists at Onward Advisors helped guide us, and their depth of experience in the space alleviated all concerns. Their professional and thorough approach helped us achieve overall savings of upwards of 20% in costs, exceeding our expectations.”

Kieran O’Connor

VP Human Resources & Operations
Options Technology


“When inevitable benefits integration glitches arose, Onward Advisors continued to offer guidance and to leverage their high-level contacts within our chosen PEO partner to ensure we were fully satisfied.  That’s service worthy of unhesitating recommendation.”


Tim Minton

ZMG | Ruckus


Through skilled negotiation, they were able to exceed our expectations by achieving savings of close to 20%. It was a refreshing experience working with Onward Advisors, and we would gladly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.

Ritika Kaushal

Finance/HR Manager


In the end, we decided to use a PEO and the resulting 30%+ savings that Onward Advisors helped us achieve far exceeded our expectations.  The team at Onward Advisors is professional, detailed, and true experts in their field.”

Vivian Lee

VP of People Operations


“Overall, their PEO specialists made the selection and onboarding process far easier than I had imagined. In hindsight, I can’t believe that I was anxious about this process when in fact, Onward Advisors handled the heavy lifting with great ease.”

Vincent Signorello

Founder & Managing Partner
Scout Capital Partners


They had important answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I’m confident that I made the right decision thanks to their help. I highly recommend Onward Advisors to any business owner who is trying to find the right PEO for them.

Paul Smith


Dean Honda

“We were looking at using a PEO for the first time and had no experience negotiating the terms of the agreement.  Onward Advisors helped us save more than 30% and I now feel confident we are getting very good terms.  I highly recommend their team.”

Nick Sherman

General Manager
Dean Honda

Energy Intelligence Group

“Quick, responsive and insightful, Onward Advisors provided what we needed to make an informed decision.”

John Hitchcock

Vice President & Managing Director
Energy Intelligence Group, Inc.

The Bottom Line

Lower Your PEO Fees by 25% or More

PEOs are prepared to negotiate, provide transparency, and lower your costs – you just need to know how to ask. That’s where Onward Advisors can help. We know the right questions to ask PEOs, so you can save money. Schedule a free consultation to see if you can lower your fees by 25% or more.

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Onward Advisors combines unique perspectives and expert insights from decades of working at top PEOs. We do this through a unique, case-by-case approach, providing leading-edge analysis from our online platform to give clients unparalleled clarity and personalized analysis on which PEO solution is best for them.