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Lower Your Costs by 25% or More

PEOs are prepared to negotiate, provide transparency, and lower your costs – you just need to know how to ask. That’s where Onward Advisors can help. We know the right questions to ask PEOs so you can save money. Schedule a free consultation to see if you can lower your costs by 25% or more.

Expert PEO Insights

Custom Services & Solutions

We offer unique perspectives and expert insights from decades of working at top PEOs. Our case-by-case approach provides leading-edge analysis using our online custom-built platform.  Our clients receive unparalleled clarity and personalized support to find the best PEO for their needs.

PEO Pro™

The Future of PEO Analysis

Our proprietary, purpose-built online platform designed to make the PEO discovery and decision-making process easy and efficient.


We provide high-touch service, trusted advice, and personal attention to every customer, so you can quickly and easily find the best PEO for your needs.

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Confused About PEOs?

The best way to help our customers is to be an expert in our field. With decades spent working inside PEOs, we can offer customers 360° worth of insight.

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Find the Right PEO

We believe in the power of responsiveness, high-touch communication, and acts of exceptional service. We firmly believe that transparency is always the best way to run a business. We work hard to earn your trust.

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Save Time & Money

We value your time, which is why we’ve worked tirelessly to create a streamlined process designed to make a highly complex industry easier to understand.

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Guidance & Advocacy

We don’t believe business should be purely transactional. We are dedicated to giving our customers value by not only saving them money, but by going above and beyond to help them feel 100% confident in their PEO decisions.

Our Technology

PEO Pro™

Our proprietary, purpose-built online platform designed to make the discovery and decision-making process easy and efficient.

Our Services

PEO Consulting

Whether you’re seeking guidance in choosing a PEO or would like to lower your costs with your existing provider, we have a platform to meet your needs.

PEO Discovery™

PEO Search & Evaluation

We can find the best PEO for you using our online platform.

  • A proprietary, purpose-built online platform designed to make the discovery and decision-making process easy and efficient.
  • A highly optimized process that helps clients save both time and money.
  • Why submit multiple PEO applications when you can submit one and receive multiple options.

PEO Negotiator™

Lower Your PEO Fees

By renegotiating with your existing PEO

  • Identify:  We examine a few invoices to determine if there’s an opportunity for savings.
  • Analyze:  If potential savings are identified, we collect additional data to strengthen your negotiating position.
  • Negotiate: We guide you through the renegotiation process to help maximize your savings.
  • Save:  Clients typically see 25%+ in cost savings and Onwards Advisors only bills if we save you money.

PEO Evaluation

Different Approaches

With Onward Advisors
Custom Solutions
We help you narrow down the best PEO options based on your specific needs
Simplified Process
Input your RFP information into a single, centralized data collection portal
Convenient Online Tool
Submit your information online with our turnkey tracking and notification system
Top Quality
Get priority PEO service due to our deep relationships and broad client base
Inside Connections
Get introduced to a preferred PEO point-of-contact directly through us for VIP treatment
Comprehensive Reports
Receive a robust and detailed analysis where we compare the top PEO matches for you line item by line item
Peace of Mind
Feel confident that you are receiving the best prices compared to market standards
The Best of the Best
Only speak to the PEOs that have been pre-screened by us to be a potential fit for your business
One-on-One Support
Use us as your coach and advisor with insider knowledge as you negotiate with PEOs
Expert Insight
Access our insight and oversight as you implement your PEO of choice
Answers to Your Questions
Reach out to us post-PEO implementation for any questions or help
RFP Info
Best fit
Go It Alone
No Roadmap
Perform exhaustive and time-consuming research to deteremine which PEOs to RFP
Fractured Process
Send your RFP information to each PEO individually using separate and multiple applications
Submit information to individual PEOs via paper and with no organized tracking system
Standard Offering
Get a level of PEO service based on your company and account size
Get assigned a random point-of-contact by a PEO company
Confusing Comparisons
Receive individual quotes from multiple PEOs that are difficult to compare and contrast
Laborious Research
Conduct time-intensive research to try to understand if you have received competitive pricing
Overwhelming Options
Speak to multiple PEOs, many of which may not be a potential fit for your business
Weaker Positioned
Negotiate with PEOs on your own
PEO Dependence
Depend solely on your PEO during the rollout and implementation
On Your Own
Rely on your PEO for 100% service delivery with no access to third-party advocacy or insight

What Our Clients Are Saying

Customer Testimonials


“When inevitable benefits integration glitches arose, Onward Advisors continued to offer guidance and to leverage their high-level contacts within our chosen PEO partner to ensure we were fully satisfied.  That’s service worthy of unhesitating recommendation.”


Tim Minton

ZXG | Ruckus

brooklands capital strategies

“They answered so many questions and were patient throughout the process to ensure we understood all aspects of the contracts and benefit offerings. The team at Onward Advisors exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend them.”


Molly Underwood

Brooklands Capital Strategies

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Onward Advisors combines unique perspectives and expert insights from decades of working at top PEOs. We do this through a unique, case-by-case approach, providing leading-edge analysis from our online platform to give clients unparalleled clarity and personalized analysis on which PEO solution is best for them.