About Us

Decades of PEO Experience

Onward Advisors combines unique perspectives and expert insights from decades of working at top PEOs.  We provide leading-edge analysis through our online platform, PEO Pro™, to give clients unparalleled clarity and peace of mind on which PEO is best for them. 

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Our mission

To Demystify the PEO Evaluation Process.

We provide high-touch service, trusted advice, and personal attention to every customer, so they can quickly and easily find the best PEO for their needs.  

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Custom Technology

Proprietary, purpose-built online platform designed to make the discovery and decision-making process easy and efficient.


Upfront, knowledgeable, honest, and unbiased conversations.


We are trusted advisors, not salespeople.


We use highly optimized process that help clients save both time and money.


We are run by industry professionals with decades of experience inside PEOs.

Relationships Come 1st

A mindset that is mutually beneficial for both customers and PEOs


Why submit multiple PEO applications when you can submit one and receive multiple options?

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Unparalleled Service

High-touch, full-service communication throughout the entire process, from attaining quotes to onboarding/rollout.

T. A. P.

Our core tenets: Timeliness, Accuracy, & Peace-of-mind.

Key Benefits

Experts Who Save You Time & Money

Stress Less

We make the process simple and easy. There is no need to submit countless applications, sit through long demos, field calls from sales reps, or go through the exact same process with multiple companies. We streamline the experience, making it frictionless and seamless.

Industry Insiders On Your Side

We have decades of experience working for PEOs like TotalSource and TriNet. We know how to make PEOs work for you. Work with us to get access to PEO experts with knowledge that you can only get from having worked inside PEOs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Customer Testimonials


Through skilled negotiation, they were able to exceed our expectations by achieving savings of close to 20%. It was a refreshing experience working with Onward Advisors, and we would gladly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.

Ritika Kaushal

Director, People and Operations


In the end, we decided to use a PEO and the resulting 30%+ savings that Onward Advisors helped us achieve far exceeded our expectations.  The team at Onward Advisors is professional, detailed, and true experts in their field.”

Vivian Lee

VP of People Operations

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Onward Advisors combines unique perspectives and expert insights from decades of working at top PEOs. We do this through a unique, case-by-case approach, providing leading-edge analysis from our online platform to give clients unparalleled clarity and personalized analysis on which PEO solution is best for them.