PEO Discovery™

Simplify Your PEO Search

We’ve custom-built this state-of-the-art technology to meet the specific needs of our clients to optimize workflow.

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Save Time & Money

Spend 30 to 40 Hours Less Time Evaluating PEOs

The PEO industry is a highly specialized field. Without previous experience, finding the right one can be a labor-intensive and daunting process. That’s where we come in. We have built an easy to use online portal – PEO Pro™ – that’s designed to make the evaluation and decision-making process easy and efficient.

We streamline the experience – making it frictionless and seamless.

Onward Advisors Can Save You Time and Money

PEO Search & Evaluation

We can find the best PEO for you using our online platform.

Custom Technology

Proprietary, purpose-built online platform designed to make the discovery and decision-making process easy and efficient.

More Savings, Less Time

A highly optimized process that helps clients save both time and money.

Simple & Efficient

Why submit multiple PEO applications when you can submit one and receive multiple options.

Empowering You in the PEO Process

No hidden fees or price-jacking on our watch

We hold PEOs accountable. With decades of industry experience and our deep roster of clients, we know the prices that PEOs normally charge, what should be included in each package and what year-to-year increases are considered acceptable.

In addition, because of our longstanding industry relationships, PEOs provide us preferred pricing that you can’t get if you were to go direct.

PEO Pro™ Report Summary

Trusted Advisors That Have Your Back

As your trusted advisors, this is what you can expect from us:

  • Tools and guidance to maximize savings
  • 30 to 40 hours less time spent evaluating PEOs
  • Cutting edge technology to streamline the process
  • Accurate information that’s easily digestible
  • Peace of mind in your decision
Expert Advisor Support

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

What Our Clients Are Saying


They held our hand through the entire selection process — through all questions and explanations on benefits plans to demos of the products to brainstorming sessions on how the PEO would work best for my team.

KJ Harvey

Senior Director of Finance

brooklands capital strategies

“The PEO specialists at Onward Advisors helped guide us, and their depth of experience in the space alleviated all concerns. Their professional and thorough approach helped us achieve overall savings of upwards of 20% in costs, exceeding our expectations.”

Kieran O’Connor

VP Human Resources & Operations
Options Techology

The Toy Industry Association
Bernard Herold & Co
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Onward Advisors combines unique perspectives and expert insights from decades of working at top PEOs. We do this through a unique, case-by-case approach, providing leading-edge analysis from our online platform to give clients unparalleled clarity and personalized analysis on which PEO solution is best for them.