PEO fees

PEO Fee Advisor

Do you suspect you’re paying too much in PEO fees but not sure how to find out?

If you’re with a PEO that charges as a percentage of payroll, you may be paying more than you ever imagined.

We know exactly how to break out their fees and what we’re discovering is astonishing:  when compared to fees of other top PEOs, our clients were overpaying by 62.1% on average.  This translates into $22,356 in excessive charges for a 30 employee company!!

We have successfully renegotiated on average a 32% savings for 98% of our clients.  We can do the same for you.

Be confident in knowing that you’re paying a fair price.

How Does it Work?

Transparent PEO fees as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

Our team of experienced PEO experts will take the guesswork out of understanding your costs by quickly breaking out your invoices.

If it’s determined that you’re paying too much, we will renegotiate with your provider to reduce your PEO fees.


Provide Your Invoices

PEO fees
All you need to do is upload your bills to our secure invoice center.

We Do the Analyzing

PEO Review
Using our proven methodology for breaking out the billing rates we will pinpoint all of your costs, one-by-one.

Let’s Renegotiate!

PEO Fee Advisor
We guide your every move to best position you to renegotiate from a position of strength & knowledge to maximize savings.
What Information Do I Need to Provide?

Two Payroll Invoices

We don’t need a lot of information to begin analyzing your costs.  Reviewing only two payroll invoices (first of the year and most recent) will give us enough data to determine if it makes sense to conduct a more thorough examination.

How Much Can I Realistically Save?

There Are Many Factors

As previously mentioned, how much you’re being overcharged can be quite substantial depending on which PEO you are with.  It takes a proven strategy to best position you to maximize the price concession your PEO is willing to offer.  A staggering 98% of our clients are seeing an average savings of 32%!

How Does Onward Advisors Get Paid?

There’s No Charge to You

We get paid only when you save money, and we don’t require any upfront fees.  If we discover that your PEO fees can be reduced, we only earn a portion of those savings.  If we don’t find an opportunity for savings, you pay nothing.  There is no risk to you by simply allowing us to review your invoices.