Onward Advisors Launches PEO Pro™ Platform

PEO Pro™

PEO evaluation technology platform

Onward Advisors, a leading independent professional employer organization (PEO) consulting firm led by veteran PEO professionals, today announced the launch of PEO Pro™, its state-of-the-art PEO evaluation technology platform.

PEO Pro™ is a user-friendly portal that makes the entire PEO evaluation process efficient and seamless. The platform features intuitive online questionnaires, personalized data gathering, sample documents, status updates, communication tool with comment feature, and a comprehensive bottom-line cost analysis.

Onward Advisors has spent the past two years building, enhancing and leveraging its new proprietary technology platform to streamline the data gathering and analysis process, ultimately saving clients’ valuable time and money. The portal eliminates the need for companies to fill out numerous RFP forms and interact with multiple PEOs, avoiding the cumbersome and inefficient back-and-forth often associated with the “normal” evaluation and negotiation method.

“With more than 700 PEOs available nationwide, finding the best one can be an extremely daunting and time-consuming task for any company to undertake,” said Clint Konzman, CEO, Onward Advisors. “Our deep industry knowledge has enabled us to create an industry-first online technology portal that allows more efficient collection and analysis of large amounts of disparate data. The finished product is our comprehensive PEO Pro™ report that provides a side-by-side comparison of PEO options that are the most suitable fit for our client’s needs.”

Onward Advisors’ approach is different than a PEO broker. Their goal isn’t to speed clients through this process, but rather take a hands-on approach and serve as the conduit for their clients and PEOs. Their process was created based on a true understanding of the inner workings of the largest PEOs and how they evaluate companies and price their services. This insider knowledge is how Onward Advisors helps their clients make the right choice based on their specific needs, as opposed to just placing them with a PEO.

“We’ve worked hard to establish a solid and growing reputation and our connections within the PEO industry are unrivaled, said Alex Fishbeyn, President, Onward Advisors. “This allows us to ensure that our customers receive the most competitive pricing and attentive service possible. Accuracy in PEO pricing is extremely important and is why so many customers rely on us to provide them with our transparent analysis that ensures they are fully informed.”

About Onward Advisors

As the nation’s top independent PEO consulting firm, Onward Advisors is the only firm in the nation with true PEO industry experience. The team is made up of PEO veterans with decades of experience working at many of the industry’s largest companies. They help small and mid-sized companies compare and choose the best professional employer organization (PEO) for their business. Onward Advisors offers a customized, hands-on approach that caters to the complexities that often come up in the PEO evaluation process.

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Onward Advisors combines unique perspectives and expert insights from decades of working at top PEOs. We do this through a unique, case-by-case approach, providing leading-edge analysis from our online platform to give clients unparalleled clarity and personalized analysis on which PEO solution is best for them.

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