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PEO Consulting FAQs
What are the advantages to using Onward Advisors?

We eliminate the need to fill out multiple RFP forms, crunch numbers, listen to sales pitches and the back & forth of negotiating.

How much does PEO Advisor cost?

There is no cost to your organization as we are compensated directly by the PEO you select.

Why should I use Onward Advisors?

We are the only PEO consulting firm in the New York metro market with actual PEO experience.

With decades spent working at ADP TotalSource, Oasis and TriNet, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with insight into the inner workings of some of the industries largest companies.

Our connections within the industry are unrivaled and allow us to ensure that you will receive the most competitive pricing and attentive service possible.

Does the PEO charge me more when using Onward Advisors?

No, our PEO partners have appropriated referral fees into their core pricing models, therefore the cost to you is unaffected when using our services.

My company has 65 employees, should I be considering a PEO solution for 2020?

Yes, companies like yours in mid-market (51-99 full-time employees (FTEs)) should consider alternatives outside traditional fully-insured health products so they can contain the increase in cost and degradation of plan choices many experts predict will be a result of their joining the small group (2-50 FTEs) pool.

Companies should be reviewing their PEO options prior to their 2020 renewal and Onward Advisors has expertise with these solutions to best guide our clients.


PEO Consulting FAQs

PEO Fee Advisor

How much does PEO Fee Advisor cost?

There is no direct fee to you as we only share in the savings that we generate through renegotiating your PEO agreement.

How much of my time does it take for an initial review?

We arrange a time to meet with you to review only a few of your invoices, at which point we break out and benchmark your fees to let you know if there is potential for savings.

The initial review generally takes 20-30 minutes.

What happens if you determine we can save money?

All that’s required is for you to send an email to your service representative introducing Onward Advisors as your cost-containment consultants.

We take care of the rest.

We have in-house staff that handles our bills and vendors so do we need Onward Advisors?

Besides our extensive background in the industry, we provide proposals to dozens of companies each month, which gives us a serious advantage in that we know how the PEOs operate; we know their margins, the unpublished discount rates, their negotiation policies and more…

What happens if you review our bills and don’t find any savings?

While this is a rarity, if we review your bills, and find that you have no billing errors and are already being charged industry-best prices and unpublished discount rates, then you can rest easy knowing that experts have reviewed your bills and confirmed that you are paying the best price possible.